Sunday, June 25, 2017

The New Imperial Roman Empire

Worth a  read, including all comments:

Here is how I found this article, on FB by Katherine Frisk. Here is her comment:
Although I do not agree with everything in this article, I am posting this here by Preston James, because it highlights my model of the Pilate/ Caiaphas/ Herod time line extending into the 21st century , controlled by the same groups and with the same outcomes. Slavery and subjugation hidden under layers of deceit... in today's world, called "Freedom and Democracy," when it is anything but. It is a corporate, fascist, police state.
This is a far cry from the Torah, it is a far cry from the messages of Jesus and it is a far cry from Mohammed's original teachings. As I have expressed before, in all three teachings there are dualities in the texts. People are brainwashed into attempting to believe both are valid, without using discernment and critical thinking which leads to cognitive dissonance. This in turn is a type of madness.
The former the original, the later a covert insertion, by liars. As intelligent human beings, we need to sift the chaff from the wheat. In the former there is always equality between men and women and all human beings, justice for all and co-operation.
In the latter there is always inequality between men and women, oligarchies, racial supremacy of one tribe, race or even nation over another, and religious intolerance of any other group.
In todays world the system has been fine tuned where the controllers are of all race groups, religions and nationalities and none of them serve god by any manner or means. For example, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is a Jesuit and only answers to the pope. He is a black African. The same can be said of many other "leaders"around the world from other race groups, nationalities and religions. They view the world as a two tier society. The small minority at the top, and the large majority regarded as collateral and all the human rights abuses that go with that.
A template for all teachings are the creation stories in the Bible. An intelligent comparative study of the differences between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 and their social, political and economic outcomes is a good yardstick to measure almost anything by.
The choice as always, is up to you, and depending on which one you choose, this will result in the kind of world that you live in.
Attempting to believe that both are valid will drive you mentally insane... the world today is mentally insane. As Jesus said.... you cannot serve two masters.....
Keep in mind that the Bible ends with the Great Judge, not a king, not a black pope, not a banker.. but with justice for all. It also ends with a wedding, between the bride- wisdom and the judge.
She is not the second wife, the sixth wife or even wife no. 20. She is the ONLY wife. As it was in the beginning, Genesis 1, so it is in the end, Alpha and Omega. The is no demi- "god" potter here. There is NO temple. Rev. 21. There is only the Holy City with its four sides, north, south, east and west. Summer, autumn, winter spring. The twelve doors, 12 constellations, 12 tribes, 12 apostles and 12 foundation stones. It is all embracing of all humanity.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Saudi - Israeli Rapprochement?

Very much linked to my last post, on Saudis and Israel actually being from the same tribe. Frisk puts it better, though:

The Woman Taken in Adultery - Rembrandt

We have been led to believe, with the massive help of the complicit media, that the ancient law of stoning, which takes places in places like Saudi Arabia, is an Islamic practice.


A recent visit to the National Gallery and their Rembrandt exhibition led me to this painting:

...and in the description under the picture was written: "stoning - ancient law of the Hebrews".

Reading up a bit further, I find this phrase in the explanation of the picture:

'Rembrandt made Jesus appear taller than the other figures and more brightly lit. In contrast, the Jews are "in the dark" and appear lower. Symbolically, Jesus's height represents his moral superiority over those who attempted to trick him.'


So there you have it: stoning is an ancient HEBREW practice.

Just wanted to make that clear. 

Banking Collapse

Because they're going to do it with stealth, and out of the limelight of the media, I think they're going to get away with it. That, plus the fact that 95% of humans don't really care as long as they have cheap pizzas.

Here are two examples of the banking consolidation going on behind the scenes. We'll end up with five massive 'far, far too big to fail' Banks - no prizes for guessing which ones.

Note that this Spanish Bank was sold to another (larger) bank for....drumroll...€1 (that's ONE EURO):


Apparently Indian Banks are the ones to watch next.


This just in:

Ice 9

Otherwise known as a global credit freeze. It's coming soon, to a bank near you - by design, of course! It will all be blamed on the 'havoc and chaos', see my blog entry 'How it Happened', and as such will cause untold misery and possibly death for millions/billions. Only those who do not depend on credit/banks/on-line dealings will avoid the mess. People such as small organic farmers, for example.

Here's a Tweet exchange I had with Jim Rickards:

Jun 15
Hi Jim! Do you see Ice9 as imminent, as others are saying?
Replying to
Not imminent, but perhaps coming sooner than I expected. The Fed still has a few tricks up their sleeve.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Incompetence is a Cover Story

Another fascinating interview with CAF, to which I often listen twice: