Friday, September 30, 2016

The Banquet of Consequences



From Jim Stone: 


The details are surprising, this is one report you really should read.

I have discovered a lot over the last week and it is a huge topic. How do I start? I guess I could start by saying that ICANN does not have control over the entire internet. They have control over approximately 95 percent of it, but if people are made aware ahead of time, the remaining 5 percent could provide the spark that brings it all back to life. And as luck would have it, ICANN HAS ZERO JURISDICTION IN ICELAND. Iceland is an island more than geographically, they are an island when it comes to the internet as well. And if you look for a web site that has an .is extension in the ICANN database, it will not show up. I just discovered this yesterday. I was at first scared, thinking they were going to flip the switch because my own web site was not even listed there, but as it turns out, if you go to the actual ICANN web site itself, their search tool of ICANN registered web sites has nothing from Iceland in it AT ALL. ICELAND IS A SAFE HAVEN FROM SHUT DOWN FOR AS LONG AS THEIR OWN DOMAIN MANAGEMENT PEOPLE REMAIN GOOD.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! This screen capture below says it all!

At present, Alex has this redirected back to a spot on the main infowars server because he does not want to maintain two servers, but he will quickly learn if he goes down to put something at the root .tv location (the way it was a while ago).
Keep in mind that if you search for a web site with anything other than ICANN's own tool, it will show up. Obviously will show up in a domain search anywhere anyone actually registers domains. People who register domains have to have searches which include the entire internet. Prior to yesterday, I did not know the internet had various jurisdictions and that ICANN did not control it all. I am sure that will be an eye opener for more than just me.
What web sites could go down after the ICANN handover? Anything that has a .com extension, a .net extension, a .org extension, .gov - basically the web as people know it can be shut down.
Drudgereport can be shut down. can be shut down. can be shut down.
Rense, Icke, Stormfront, whatreallyhappened, investmentwatch and others can be shut down.
There are scant few people on the web that had the foresight to protect themselves from an internet takedown, and Alex Jones is one of them.
What will happen if ICANN goes rogue? The truth movement will get smashed hard enough to allow a theft of the election to go mostly unreported. The timing is beauty. It sure looks like a plot. But will ICANN really go rogue on day one? Don't bet on it, because they don't want a rebellion. Emergency backups that are sufficient to save it all are in place. Screwing with the web will be a risky endeavor. Only the worst of desperation would be enough to trigger a widespread shut down.

Do I feel comfortable? HELL NO!. Half of what was sent in donations over this issue is already spent, and the balance will also be spent on this even with the good news.

Because even if ICANN does not take action over the portion of the web they do not control immediately, you can safely bet that they will have their fingers into everything eventually, and absolutely will have the world in their death grip eventually. The only thing I am going to change about my tactics is that I am dropping it to 4 servers on 3 hosts instead of 5 servers, with 10 (or so) domains paid out for three or four years, and will (rather than spend on server time in additional locations) instead extend the life of a couple domains out to 10 full years. That is what common sense says should be done, because if new rules go into place that make it too difficult to renew an existing domain, or register a new one, a 10 year life span on an unused reserve domain set up TODAY could be an absolute godsend.


If your entire life boat consists of one domain (which in my opinion is rock stupid) you had better patch the hull because there is a hurricane in the forecast.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Surprise! It's the New World Order!

Excellent presentation by James Corbett:

Rickards Warns of Bank Crash

Right at the end of this fascinating interview, Rickards, that slimy CIA guy, says put your money in gold and not in the bank! So who is right? Gold going to $10,000/oz or JC Collins' assertion that it might be added to the SDR basket, but not freely traded?

Not long to wait now to find out!

How It Happened III

In a strange moment of synchronicity, I decided to look up my old blog entry - to see that I wrote it exactly two years ago to the day! Still seems mightily relevant to me, although there are some truth bombs out there coming out - but probably just damage limitation and more consolidation.

Adding Gold to the SDR Basket

I recall JW getting very hot under the collar when I mentioned this to him. Now it's looking increasingly likely, unfortunately. It means that the Banksters are still in charge, and when you add today's news that Draghi is calling for getting rid of small banks, you can see where this is all headed - can you say 'consolidation'?

NB From quite a while ago, just seemed relevant today.

The Financial Matrix

He's a bit 'shouty', like a preacher, but the message he has to pass on is deadly serious, and bang on:

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Deutsch Bank Fails This Week?

Angela Merkel has just announced that Germany will not be bailing out DB, leaving  bail-in option wide open.

Is this the crack in the dam that leads to the domino effect of the collapse of the Banks?

We'll know within seven days (seven!) and quite a few well-respected bloggers think this time it's the big one.

Tick, tick, tick...

SDRs Explained

As he says, when they issue SDRs, they destroy the real economies of the world, and countries lose their sovereignty. Not that anyone seems to care!

Common Core

Excellent interview, mentioning a lot of the things that I think about but dare not say aloud!

Brave New World or 1984?

The Silver Stealers

Read it and weep:

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Global Reserve Currency = SDR?

Another great interview with someone who knows what he's talking about:

But do the Central Bankers understand EROI?

Friday, September 23, 2016


I just received this e-mail from Bix Wier:
'The silence is deafening.

JASTA, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, will turn into a law at midnight tonight unless Obama signs the veto. The White House is still claiming they will "veto" the bill even though they know that Congress will override the veto next week.

So what will Obama do? If he signs the veto then he will piss off everybody in the USA who is still angry about 911. If he signs it into law then HE would take the heat for helping destroy the already fragile markets.

But he can also do nothing thus executing a "pocket veto" and since Congress is in session today and next becomes LAW at midnight TONIGHT!

So what? What are the ramifications of the JASTA bill becoming Law?

Well, the Saudi's are on record that they would sell all their US assets IF the law is passed. that's a very big deal for the markets and the US Dollar.

Here's what would LIKELY happen next week IF JASTA becomes LAW and the Saudi's get this ball rolling...

David Morgan Analyzes a Dollar Collapse

Yes...this is really happening!

NOTE: The Friday Road Trip was destroyed this morning via "computer glitch." Don't know how or why but my conspiracy radar is at HIGH! I will try to recreate it and post something this weekend. Crazy stuff!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.'

Bix Weir


Consequences of JASTA:

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

That "uh-oh" moment, when it all makes sense:

So, the high street bank will disappear, as I suspected! They own all the buildings anyway, and won't need them. Better to try to get rent from them...

Monday, September 5, 2016


It's eerily quiet, isn't it? Here's why:

Oded Yinon

With so much truth coming out, you'd think we were winning!

The Balkans.....and more.

It takes a University Professor not from the West to tell it like it is. Excellent geopolitical analysis:

Vaccine-Glyphosate Link Exposed

Brought to you by the eugenicists: