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Operation Stillpoint - Christopher Story

Here's the outline of the Operation, uncovered by Story:

Operation Stillpoint - Failed Assault on Humanity via Financial Scams and Fraud

By Noeline Clayfield (about the author) Page 1 of 6 page(s)
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The almost James Bond like film script of secret maneuvers that finally upended Operation Stillpoint and names those inside and outside government who have tried for decades to implement this plan.

Financial Crisis

The following report by Christopher Story of World Reports is most serious investigative reporting and I encourage all to read about one of many failed recent attacks on Humanity meant to bring us all finally under the thumb of the One World Order that many secret societies, Factions 1, 2, Committee of 300, Council on Foreign Relation, Bilderbergers, members of US Congress and some members of President Obama's Administration have been executing. The plan to finally subjugate us to their long planned agenda, spanning some 60-100 years, while achieving total power and control of the world and its resources.

As you will see, this plan has been in action for decades and like the recent failed "Global Warming" scam. That was in operation for 40 years, and was supposed to further restrict us by imposing carbon taxes and controlling industry and resources, but was undone by the "Climategate" hacking operation that exposed all the falsified data about this unproven phenomena. Operation Stillpoint has been duly dismantled by those who have a greater interest in overcoming this power elite and their agenda, against the wellbeing of all humanity.

This report contains the activity of the past week, which has not been covered by mainstream media which of course is internationally controlled by 3 major players with the same evil agenda, and also provides a summary of the whole operation at the end of the report. For other reports of interest go to "Archives "on the site for added background. Link Below.

Operation Stillpoint to take down the USA

We are now in a position to tear part of the veil away from the secret stage on which saboteurs operating from WITHIN US Government structures have been systematically, over a prolonged period of years, seeking to do nothing less than seize the assets of the entire United States and its people, in a mad revolutionary offensive to convert the country into a fiefdom controlled by a small clique of arrogant maniacs.


In essence and in outline, the secret offensive against the United States and its people directed from within by subversives headed by George Bush Sr. and his controller-handler, Dr Henry 'Heinz' Kissinger, and micromanaged by Bush Sr.'s criminal financier Dr Alan Greenspan, with embedded participation of Leo/Lee Wanta, involved the following intended stages:

Stage 1:

Developing myriad Ponzi schemes and giga-thefts, of infinite variety, and BY ANY MEANS, in order to procure 'base money' for open-ended unreported, off-balance sheet, untaxed leveraging and hypothecation operations.

Stage 2:

Maximizing the potential for the accumulation of trillions of fiat dollars by means of such financial sorcery, both for personal self-enrichment purposes and in order to accumulate a colossal fund of fiat 'money' from Fraudulent Finance operations, ready for Stage 3.

Stage 3:

Deliberately inducing the collapse of the US financial system and economy to facilitate Stage 4:

Stage 4:

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Here's who Christopher Story is/was:

And here is news of his sudden death, by poison:

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