Friday, April 1, 2011

Max Keiser - what's he up to?

You know you're getting near to the heart of the matter when you post innoccent questions on a popular financial website - that of Max Keiser - about the Global Settlements Foundation, and not only do those questions get quietly removed, but the whole post disappears, answers and all, without explanation. This is very unusual, and got me to thinking that I must have inadvertantly touched some raw nerves.

I noticed from the GSF that this new global reseve currency is just about ready to go, with exchange rates posted on their website (1GLO = 3,23€). There is a G20-type meeting about now to discuss a new 'basket of currencies', (I read it somewhere yesterday, and will post if I can re-find it) and I have no doubt that pretty soon we'll hear an announcement about the replacement of the dollar.

My problem is that after reading the pages on the GSF website about the implementation of this new global currency, it seems to actually be the NWO's ideas getting in by the back door. The currency will in theory be gold-backed, but is, in fact, virtual, and all transactions are done via mobile phones and computers, with no physical banks, as such. The exchange rate will no doubt lead to a massive devaluation of individual wealth, much like the introduction of the Euro did for Franc savings, effectively trebling prices almost overnight.

Another major problem I have with these GLO's is that if they are gold-backed, how can you tell? Who has the gold? How can you prove that it is sitting in a vault somewhere? How do we know it is not tungsten-backed?

Finally, the very real danger of this new system is the ease with which people can be disenfranchised: immediately outside of the system if they do not have a computer and/or mobile phone, reliant upon constant supply of electricity (not at all a given going forward) and of course open to abuse from the people who can close your account without explanation or recourse if they do not like the fact that you were spotted at a demonstration the previous week, for example.

All in all a very worrying state of affairs that I'm not sure any of us can do much to resist. It is pretty certain now that the current financial house of cards will crumble soon, and indeeed is being actively attacked by people like Max, by encouraging us all to buy precious metals, but I have the nagging suspicion that we are digging our own graves and begging for our own slavery. A very clever trick if it is pulled off, and I suppose you have to be in awe at the cleverness of the deception.

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