Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Paedophilia In the Highest Places

OK, let's get serious here. The current media narrative is that white people are good, live in a democracy and need to teach the rest of the world how to live correctly. Muslims are bad, as are Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, etc, etc. I heard this narrative just the other day.

But what if we were all living a lie? What if we knew - subconsciously - that the whole Western system is build upon increasingly rotten foundations (excuse the pun)? What if we didn't want to shake the tree because we were happy to harvest the fruits that sometimes drop from the tree? What if over decades there were rumours of disgusting acts done in high places, but it was all hushed up? What if the British Prime Minister was discovered to have done a lewd act at University that he could later be blackmailed for, and we collectively shrugged?

Do we therefore get what we deserve?

I have enormous respect for this woman, whom I have followed for years. I have her book. She's that rare thing - the real deal. As she explains in this interview, we have lost our integrity and dignity in the West, because we are far too willing to point the finger at other countries, regimes, nations and ethnicities, and then bomb them. At the same time we systematically ignore (or worse, tacitly support) the vile, corrupt, and empathy-free psychopaths that are in our own midst - right here, right now.

(I'd like them to have addressed who the real controllers are, who control these political puppets from behind the curtain, but it's a courageous interview and I suppose that's enough for starters!)

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