Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gold Standard

Although I'm not at all sure that this will be a good thing for 'we the people', it looks like this is what will be introduced very soon (2012/13). Deutche Bank were one of the Cartel banks which were supposed to be going bankrupt soon, along with Credit Agricole, B of A, Citi, etc. Either they won, and we're heading into a completely controlled future with digital currency which is allegedly gold-backed, or they've been leaned on (see Jim Willie's interviews, where he says senior Deutche Bank executives were cooperating with Interpol) and the 'good guys' are winning. For me the jury is still out, but it sure looks like 'problem-reaction-solution' to me, and I agree with Bill Still that a global gold-backed currency is not decentralising (duh!). Either way, those invested heavily in the stock market, fiat and other paper assets are going to get decimated. Very soon.


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