Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Following The Money

I knew a lot of what Catherine Austin Fitts lays out here, but the depth and breadth of this systemic corruption is staggering. She very clearly says that any building which holds information on financial fraud tends to get blown up, not least of all Building 7 on 911:


...and right near the end, something I've long, long suspected: that Hurricane Katrina managed to clear out a lot of the mortgage fraud in New Orleans.

The architects of this scheme should be hung. Who are they?


  1. Susan - As promised,an outline of some creepy developments in India: Just over the river from Delhi, there's a mushrooming new suburb known as Noida, which is an Agenda 21 nightmare of literally thousands of high-rise crackerbox flats, about half of which are still under construction. Heading south from Noida a private expressway owned by Jaypee Corporation, connects Noida to Jaypee's private resort hotel in Agra. This very expensive toll road also provides access to JayPee's private villages, a private Jaypee Sports City, two private JayPee Universities, and Jaypee hotels. All along it are strung hundreds of warnings that begin 'You are under surveillance...'. Access from this expressway, which connects Delhi and Agra, is limited to Jaypee private facilities, the city of Mathura (the only non-Jaypee access point), and roadside rests containing international corporate chain restaurants. I fear this may well be a prototype for a corporate vision of the future; and of course India also appears to be developing into a guinea pig for demonitisation and a cashless economy.

  2. Thanks for that - depressing but as I suspected. A neighbour went to India to some meditation place, ran away screaming in fear for his safety! Didn't explain, but he was spooked. I think the Vampire Squid has long ago sniffed out the gullible Westerners looking for deeper meaning, and taken over the Ashrams etc. Obviously the VS doesn't give a hoot for the Indian people themselves. Very sad what has become of the human race, very sad. Thanks for info though - always useful to get 'boots on the ground' info. Hope you had a good time despite above?

  3. We had a wonderful time, thanks, and Dave's medical care was considerably better and more 'professional' than it would have been at home, at 10% of the price. Yes, the VS is digging its tentacles into India, but apart from Noida, Gurkhaon, and the big tourist attractions (the Taj Mahal is now a nightmare of exploitation, security and official neglect), it still seems to be a very real place full of real people doing real life things with their real lives. Yes, outsiders will often feel the need to run away screaming in fear for their safety (sanity, actually) - the place is seething with chaos from which it appears no order can or will ever emerge. While that may be its best hope to resist the VS, most Indians appear to accept and be resigned to whatever others (especially those deemed 'superiors' or higher castes) might want to inflict upon them.