Sunday, December 27, 2015

Vanguard Buys Detroit

My heart goes out to the poor people of Detroit - they're never going to get a break. Posted today on the KR:

susan says:
I’m doing some research on Detroit for a project. The city went bankrupt, but now the “Chinese” are re-investing in the city and it’s all looking good again.

Only trouble is, the Governor is Rick Snyder (yes, you got it) and if you tune in at 0625m, you’ll see a very familiar smirking face behind him.

Vampires, parasites, blood-suckers, racists, organ-harvesters, call them what you like, but they ain’t “Chinese”.

Oh and if that wasn’t obvious enough, check out the T-shirt worn by the black man just before the Governor speaks, at 0600.



Here's my second post:

'And this up-beat crappy full-of-illuminati symbolism video, they pretend that there are entrepreneurs moving in to Detroit, although he does tell the truth at the beginning: it will not be the way it was (they won't let blacks live back in the centre):

Same story in New Orleans (post geoengineering), etc, etc. Get the poor people out, no matter how ruthless, and get hold of the prime real estate for pennies on the dollar. The same is happening in Gaza and the West Bank.

I don't think there's one black person in this dreadful video.

And did you hear him say it's a 'Vanguard' city? (1.38)

You know who Vanguard are??? See No°4:

Finally, as if Detroit hasn't suffered enough, this disgusting rubbing-your-noses-in-it 'event':

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