Friday, December 18, 2015

Greenspan and his Plan

I've been quietly following - and listening - to what Bix Wier has been saying over the last few years. There is definitely something in his analysis of those Federal Reserve comics, with their symbolism, printed way back and half-forgotten. Then there was the 2015 Economist cover, which predicted not only David Cameron's 'pig' allegations, but also the Paris bombings, proving that we are all being led up the garden path.

Here Bix analyses the new 2016 Economist cover, and says we're in for a rough time ahead. It seems it really is a giant battle between differing financial big-guns. But who is going to win?

Here's Alan Greenspan's 'lost' University thesis:

As anyone who has followed this story for as long as I have knows, Greenspan was one of the biggest gold-bugs around, and wanted to crash the fiat system and re-introduce a gold-backed system. Bix thinks he's still trying.

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