Saturday, December 12, 2015


Well, we've been waiting a long time for this presentation.

I call b*u*l*l*s*h*i*t* on this man - he gives us 80% of the truth on how we got to where we're at, the secrecy, the inventions, the people involved, the technology, the modus operandi, the Corporations, the complicity with Governments, etc, etc.

And I haven't even finished listening, and I think I know the ending: that we all have to work together (globally) to overcome this threat, and it is him and his team who will save us from this interstellar warfare.

Many reasons for my scepticism: Bill Cooper's 'Behold a Pale Horse'; gut feeling; he's not mentioning any financial perpetrators; he talks about otherwise having anarchy in an 'Al Qaeda' world (oh jeez); he makes a few slips when talking about 'my' engineer, or having a 'file on him'; his ego; his body-building; his wife; his timing; his multi-decade visits to top level people for 'briefings' (and possibly suicides?); triangle on his T-shirt; his trite, casual talk of global poverty; his nervousness; his inappropriate humour on a deadly serious subject; his casual mention of nano-technology is use, etc.

I'll be interested to hear how he plans to solve this global fascism that we are facing today. Seems to me that since the theft of Tesla technology, ALL of the subjects he talks about could be man-made. The Nazis were working hard on it before and during WWII, and that 'Operation Paperclip' took it over and refined it to what we have today. I think I know what he's going to say: our Ashkenazi friends are going to come up smelling of roses and save the world.

Yeah, right.


After writing and posting what I did above, I did a quick search on the internet for more on this Doctor, and found an item with questions very similar to my own, who also calls him an agent for a certain State:

I now suspect that this Doctor was working on M-KUltra projects (as opposed to 'retiring early' and working on disclosure, as stated), and as such is a very dangerous person indeed - as can be seen by his body-language really, and his strange sense of humour, and his Islamophobia.

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