Friday, June 15, 2012

Jim Willie's Latest Financial Up-Date

Weimar meets Ponzi!

Here the Turd asks one of my questions to Jim Willie (namely who is behind the Eastern entity) in a wide ranging in-depth interview. You owe it to youselves and your families to try to understand this global financial situation, as your future may depend on it:

The remaining nagging doubt that I have is that this whole scenario is coordinated, organised and deliberate, by people behind the curtain of the Eastern entity, and indeed Jim Willie does mention that the Rothschild banking dynasty have been active in China for decades, and that they may well come out of this situation sitting pretty. I suppose we will have to wait and see, but hopefully the worst of the insane oligarchs plan to enslave us all has been avoided...or has it? He's still talking about a global currency that will be brought in only after Europe has collapsed (including France!).

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