Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chile and China in Non-Dollar Trade Swaps

Today is the big day, of course - the day the US tried to kick Iran out if SWIFT. But they shot themselves in the foot, as more and more countries do bilateral trade deals in currencies other than the petro-dollar. Here again its the renminbi, but between Iran and India it has been gold, etc. The dollar is on the operating table, but won't come out of surgery. Whether this is a good thing (end US war-mongering Empire) or whether this is a bad thing (part of the non-geographically aligned self-appointed élite's long-term game plan) remains to be seen:

This is a very dangerous period, as it's at times like that that wars 'erupt', and we just have to look to the 'downing' of a 'Turkish' 'plane by 'Syria' to see how this could escalate. I've put those words with apostrophes around them, as I'm very sceptical about the timing of all this, and have yet to look into the truth behind these actions.

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