Monday, December 31, 2012

The End Game

This was written in May 2012, by Raoul Paul of the 'Global Macro Investor', apparently for an 'élite' readership. In other words, an insiders' document about where to stash your cash. So from that point of view, it makes the polemic title all the more shocking. I've been detailing for years now that this so-called US 'fiscal cliff' and global debt problem has been deliberately engineered specifically to impoverish (and even kill) and large proportions of the non-élite. That's us.

Here is his stark warning, although he doesn't go into details on the most important question, of how or why we got to this stage:

We have been played like violins, and at the moment they are winning as we fight each other and play musical chairs on the Titanic.

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