Friday, December 28, 2012

Where's Bill?

Bill Still, that is. A lone voice speaking out aganst the gold-backed financial system that is coming in, he wrote this:

'Gold money is the ultimate centralization of the money power. Yes, it IS sound money. The quantity is easily controlled, but it does not democratize the money power to operate to the benefit of we, the people. It centralizes it into the hands of those few best able to buy up the commodity serving as the monetary base -- gold. This would, in fact, be the bankers.'


This was written in September, which was also the last time he did a 'Still Report' he was digging up more information on the Jekyll Island participants. I hope he has just taken a long break, and hasn't been 'silenced'? Well worth some of your time this 'festive' season is Bill's fantastic exposé of the Banksters:

Here's another interview with him:

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