Friday, December 28, 2012

Understanding Western Propaganda: Iran and Syria

This is the 1500th post, and I'm happy that it's one bringing truth to the murky world of Western propaganda, about Iran. First posted in October, Patrick Henningsen explains with remarkable clarity and lucidity the whys and hows of Israeli/US desire to have a war (surprise! It's about the military industrial complex and oil...), and he also explains why they have to start with Syria first:

I think the two months since this interview have changed the geopolitical scene quite a lot, with Russia's support of Syria, China's alternative to the petro-dollar, the UN Palestinian vote, etc. Hopefully events have moved to a situation where an invasion of Iran (even one starting with a false-flag event) becomes impossible. I think the NAM is very well aware of the US/UK/Israeli aggression, and they've had enough (see Jim Willie's latest). Time for the sun to set on those Empires.

Here's another interesting interview about life in Iran:

And some images of Iran - incredible:

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