Sunday, December 30, 2012

Breakthrough Energy Conference

I have had Dr Judy Wood's book, "Where did the towers go?" for years, waiting for people with better scientific minds than mine to start talking about it and asking the correct questions. This wait has been frustrating and exhausting, as time after time I would hear evidence of denial, cognitive dissonance or normalcy bias.The most intelligent people I know were afraid to go there.

Dr Judy Wood is a true latter-day hero, who deserves to be given high office - instead she has been in hiding in fear for her life. As you will see, many other people have died mysterious deaths if they try to get this information out.

Hopefully little by little, even brainwashed people are waking up, and they will start asking these difficult questions, maybe even back to 911. Unfortunately as we have seen recently in the financial law-suits in the US and UK, as regards bank-fraud, the judges have shown themselves to be in the pocket of the prepetrators of this heinous act. All the more reason to support Dr Judy Wood and her seminal work.

Please find the time to listen to these interviews (need I say with an open mind?) and then do some of your own research: 

NB If you are still 'in denial', bear in mind that Dr Judy Wood's area of expertise is what happened on 911. Here's her biography:

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