Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jim Willie - The Gold is Gone!

You have to follow the financial scandals to understand JW's rather esoteric style, but he's right on the button, and here he confirms that the BBs are rushing to cover their tracks, as the 'Eastern entity' demands physical:

Only doubt in my mind: how is he so sure that the 'Eastern entity' is on the side of the little guys? Personally I am very suspicious that these 'Eastern entities' are, in fact, just the Central Banks moving their base to the Far East and out of the US, and in the process trashing the US dollar (and the Euro) and creating their long-awaited gold-backed global currency. And hey, it'll be on your mobile 'phone and totally virtual, so it's actually a continuation of their fiat scheme, but knocks out a large percentage of the middle class, thereby improving the standing of the so-called, self-appointed 'élite'.

I'm hoping the other so-called 'élite' will be so burned by the loss of their family fortunes, (with the theft of the gold in the allocated accounts) that they might let some of these ultra-secret manoeuvres out, but in fact I doubt it really, as there's nothing more odious to someone who thinks they're part of the élite than to admit that they may, in fact, be no better than the rest of us!

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