Sunday, November 4, 2012

Custody Certificates Damaged in Hurricane Sandy

Oh gosh! Oh how awful! These 'custody certificates', which were apparently kept in a basement in New York, were damaged when Hurricane Sandy hit New York. They amounted to $36 trillion (that's TRILLION) and at the moment the outcome is not clear.

Now, this is in the same week as Germany asked for its gold back, which was kept in London and New York, and each gold bar would have to have a chain-of-title to prove ownership. This also in the same week as the $43 trillion lawsuit where a group of people are suing the TBTF banks for their money back (see other Post).

If you are not suspicious, you are not reading enough!

This of course ties in with Jim Willie's latest piece (see Jim Willie's latest), where he re-iterates his assertion that the TBTF Banks have rehypothecated the gold in the vaults, and there is none there. Hopefully Germany will not drop this case.

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