Sunday, May 27, 2012

China's CIC

Beware a wolf in sheep's clothing! The Advisory Board of this so-called 'China Investment Corporation', are none other than the old guard, trying to bring in their NWO by the back (Eastern) door:

Members of the Advisory Council of the CIC are:

James Wolfensohn - former President of the World Bank
Lord Stern - former World Bank Chief Economist
Merit Janow – Council on Foreign Relations
David Emerson – violated ethics code in Canadian elections
John J Mack – former CEO of Morgan Stanley
John L Thornton – former President of Goldman Sachs
Jean Lemierre – President of European Free Trade Association.

 I’m getting a bit bored of Western ‘alternative’ financial analyists referring to ‘China’ as the ones who are going to save us from these Wall St crooks, when in reality it’s the same bunch! Let’s give this exposé some media coverage. The Chinese Government has nothing to do with the Chinese Banking Industry!

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