Saturday, May 26, 2012

Systemic Bank Failure Coming

...this summer, if not sooner! In this fantastic interview, Jim Willie crosses the 'T's and dots the 'i's for us all, explaining in very easy-to-understand terms exactly how JPM and the other criminal enterprises have got away with what they've got away with for years, and how the whole mess is starting unravel. The term 'interest rate swaps' is key here, but even if you don't understand that (and I don't pretend to myself) the other information he gives us is very much in keeping with my other research, that I just know he's right. Listen to the sums of gold changing hands, confirmation of the gold and silver markets being oversold (by 100+!), the panic in the Swiss banks trying to cover the physical delivery, etc, etc. All as previously read and reported here (going back a few years now) but confirming in my mind that the systemic bank run has started, and will pick up speed this summer:

The only question I have left now, and it's a BIG question: who controls the 'Sheriff from the East'? My suspicions are that this is the CIC (see post below) and as such is very worrying indeed. This is the 1% fighting the 0.01%, and the 'East' seems to be winning, and we'll get a gold-backed global currency by Christmas, but I have a feeling that this will also mean complete global control of the world's financial system, with all that that entails as regards lack of freedom, serfdom, etc. It has been predicted for many years, and luckily I've been listening and we're well-protected, but what about the other people who haven't got a clue about the financial tsunami which is about to hit?

Interest rate Swaps:

Basically the 'East' stopped financing the US debt, so they had to figure out a way to keep it all moving, so started buying their own debt. It's not going to end well.

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