Thursday, May 17, 2012

European Bank Runs

It sounds a little like a medical ailment, doesn't it? And maybe it is! Here is a wonderful retrospective analysis from the ever-insighful Reggie Middleton:

For those people who have been muttering about my sources recently, as most people continue to live in a world of extend-and-pretend, Reggie Middleton is one of them. As you'll see, he predicted all of the current European events over two years ago. Other sources of up-to-date highly relevant information on the corruption at the top of the financial world are: Max Keiser, Michael Chossudovsky, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Zerohedge, 'Silvergoldsilver', Adrian Salbuchi, and many, many more. I suspect I read more widely than a lot of my critics, who will soon be tripping over in those rose-tinted spectacles.

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