Monday, September 2, 2013

Syria and Israel

You would have had to be asleep for the last two decades if you didn't realise that Israel (or more precisely the Zionists) run the US and the UK. If you don't believe me, then DYODD! They've made strong in-roads into France, too, hence Hollande's support for this Syrian venture. Quelle honte!

Here the well-respected Argentinian political analyst, Adrian Salbuchi, points out that Israel has managed to get what it wants by proxy, for decades:

So you have to ask yourself how? Or why? How can this influence be so strong, or complete? Could it be that the whole global banking system is run by the same people, who are able to get what they want by threatening to crash the whole system?

It's coming down anyway, but recently there is a beacon of hope and light on the horizon, in the form of the 'Eastern Alliance', as referred to by Jim Willie. Even I am beginning to think that these Banksters couldn't have planned it all this well, and that they are no longer in the driving seat, although I remain fearful of the Hegelian dialectic of the Protocols.

However add Karen Hudes and her team, an awakening global populace and the pipeline politics of energy consumption, and you have a world which can do a volte face in very short order. Difficult to believe that the Zionists could have been out-witted by other global actors, but let's hope it is the case, and check-mate can be declared at the G20.

For the moment, I'm backing Russia and China, and of course it's got nothing to do with Communism, nor, for the record, with a knee-jerk illogical accusation of anti-semitism.I have Jewish friends who point the finger at the Zionists, too.

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