Monday, September 2, 2013

Open Letter to David Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron,

I hope you and your family are well ? I trust you are well rested after the holidays ? I am writing to you to express a few thoughts. Here they are, in no particular order :

  • How dare you send members of my family to a war based on very dodgy 'evidence' ;
  • How dare you agree with your trans-Atlantic consort to send white, black, hispanic and other young poor Americans to such a war, when they only joined up because they were offered College tuition fees and a job ;
  • How dare you try to force through this vote in the Summer recess ;
  • How dare you conflate it with the badger cull, in a feeble attempt to distract national attention;
  • How dare you try to confuse us all with puerile propaganda and white noise, with a television in every public orifice ;
  • How dare you pretend to be leading a country, when we know you are beholden to the military industrial complex and the bankers ;

You see, you thought we were 'under control'. You thought we were ill-educated, over-fed, under-funded and medicated. You thought that we were not paying attention. Heaven knows you tried hard enough to feed us with distractions that encouraged base and immoral behaviour, that lionised death with skulls and blood, encouraging mob behaviour and discouraging critical thinking.

Your problem now lies in the fact that, despite all of that, we were actually paying attention. We knew that the TBTF banks were held afloat by laundered drugs money. We knew that the various and increasingly frequent political and economic scandals are just the tip of the iceberg : LIBOR ; MF Global ; Jimmy Saville (and friends...) ; NSA & GCHQ ; Iraq ; Afghanistan ; Libya ; etc. We were paying attention and we were learning all the time. You underestimated us.

And now you try to sell us another conflict which will kill members of our families, which will kill innocent men, women and children abroad, which will enrich your cronies in the Arms Industry and the Chemical Weapons Industry. Which will enrich the bankers by impoverishing the country even more, increasing the debt and accruing more interest. which must be paid back out of social security and pension budgets. For the bankers must be paid back - they went to all of the effort of clicking on a computer screen – not even needing the expense of paper, ink and a printer any more. Oh to be a banker ! Which Greek island to buy now ?

Yours sincerely, 
Susan Morris

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