Friday, November 19, 2010

I've seen them!

No, nothing Holy or Divine...but the jets that fly overhead. I was looking too low. Yesterday I spotted what I thought was a white paper bag, way up high, floating around on the thermals. But after a while I realised that I was watching a jet, turning and circling in the sky, way above us here.

It was the noise that made me look up, and I doubt many other people have the time or inclination to keep scouring the skies for the origin of this noise. Maybe it's because I live in a very quiet and peaceful place, that I don't accept the constant noise of aeroplanes? I don't know, but I then traced its movements in the sky, only to see a second one join the first, turning, tipping, circling.

These were most probably Israeli jets carrying out training missions, and they are different from the black jets which also fly over, lower, often causing that sonic boom I mentioned. The nearest commercial airport is Tel Aviv, I have no idea where the nearest military base is. Anyway I can hear the sound of the engines arriving slowly in one ear, then it fills my head and the space in the Nablus valley, and then trails off out of the other ear, dying away slowly, to be replaced some half an hour later by another.

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