Friday, February 11, 2011


This falls into the 'never believe anything until it has been officially denied' camp! Here's a quick up-date from a friend in Palestine on today's historic event:

Mubarak falls and the Middle East celebrates.

We were in the service taxi from Ramallah to Hebron when the news came through: after over a fortnight of protests the Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, stepped down. We were on our way back from the weekly demonstrations at An Nabi Salah, when the taxi came alive as people finally got confirmation that the protests in Cairo not only were over, but had all been worth it. Despite his bizarre statement last night, hours delayed, in which he still refused to bow to the demands of the people and step aside, tonight he finally bit the bullet and offered his resignation.

He has ceded power to the military and the Supreme Court, who now have to help draw up a new constitution and hold on to the country until elections free and fair elections can be held. In truth, there is a long and troublesome road ahead for the people of Egypt, but Mubarak’s resignation does put an end to the chaos that has been seen across the country, and also stokes the fire of revolution which is beginning to burn in the Arab world.

This is just a short post, as I wanted to get something out today. I’m knackered after today’s demonstration, and have one to go to in Beit Ummar tomorrow, so want to go and collapse on a bed for the next few hours. I will write more when the time is better but, for now, know that something wonderful has happened this evening in the north of Africa and, hopefully, some great things are about to happen across the Middle East.

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