Saturday, June 4, 2011

Corbett Report

I had no idea when I listened to this weeks' podcast, that he'd talk about the nazi-symbolism of the financial élite - something I've been noticing all around me recently. He talks about (and references below) Schwarzenegger and his death-head belt-buckle, along with the Glenn Beck death-head cummerband, etc.

Here in France, in our nearest city (Toulouse) there are skulls appearing everywhere - T-shirts, shop windows, art, belts, tattoos... I have believed for a while that we are being programmed and conditioned into accepting death - and maybe mass death - as a good and necessary thing. There is even a massive skull being constructed as a 'work of art' in one of the grottos here in the Pyrenees, which could easily be passed off as celebrating the pre-history in this region, if it hadn't been for all of the other skull-and-bones seen everywhere - especially in Bond Street, London, near the heart of the beast.

The Rothschild family are central to this - and I am not being anti-semitic here - as is well explained in this radio interview. It is my belief that the recent so-called E-coli out-break, which is killing people across Europe and has no cure, is part of this depopulation agenda, started some while back. Not many people will believe this yet, but I am used to swimming against the tide, and I'm very pleased to be in the good company of people like James Corbett and his guest, Alan Watt. There is a eugenics agenda:

I love the second half of the show, however, where he interviews a fantastically-enthusiastic vegetable grower who advises us all to stop focussing on the political theatre, and just go out and grow food, as one seed can become a thousand, in an exponential curve, in a self-fulfilling positive feed-back loop. As his guest says, the élite are waging the wars, and most of us are pretty decent people, and the élite do not want us to realise our potential.

It's time to choose life. This is a must-listen.

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