Saturday, September 3, 2011

Webster Tarpley

What an incredible, information-packed show this week's is (27/08). Webster is the only person I've found who can tie it all together so effortlessley, and so logically - it can be nothing but the truth:

Especially listen to the ten minutes or so from minute 42, which will give you the exact explanation of what is going on re international finance, oil, gold, Libya, the corrupt cabal, etc.

I don't actually see how his solution, however, can move forward unimpeded (re-build the US infrastructure) because of the limits of resources on a finite planet, and because it means printing more money, but these are details. He must have excellent inside information from people within the system who have had enough of ten years of constant war and high-level corruption, and then he gives it his personal spin with his historian's hat on.

Truly top-level information.

And shame on you all of those so-called media pundits, who toe the line and spread the lies.

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