Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scott Olsen - Tipping Point

This week will go down in history. Here is a comment left by someone (a US Marine, I assume) on one of the blogs I read regularly:

'Occupy Oakland and the serious wounding of Marine Corps veteran Scott Olsen, a two-tour vet of the Iraq invasion could be that Fort Sumter moment all right. It could just be that the Oakland cop who fired the teargas grenade that hit Olsen on the head, giving him a serious concussion and rendered him unconscious and hospitalized in serious condition may have been the tipping point for the Occupy movement.

You see there is something about Marines. They have been called Leathernecks, gyrenes, devil dogs and many other epithets for good reasons. They happen to be some of the most highly trained killers on the planet. They also happen to be some of the closest of all military comrades. Their motto is "Semper Fi" ~ always faithful ~ and their dedication is third to the Constitution, second to the Corps and first to their buddies.

Read a blog by another Marine Corps veteran earlier today. "Why did you do this to my Brother" headed his statement. He also ran a photo of himself, shaven head, lip and ear piercings, eyes that read of anger, determination, sorrow and something very hard and adamantine implacable. Bit teared up in one of his eyes. Powwwerful photo.

Hundreds of comments appended to the blog, many of them from both active and inactive members of the Corps. Funny thing about Marines: They never abandon the body of a slain buddy on the battlefield. When it comes to watching out for each other, the Marines are more sticky than the Tribe.

Blog has gone viral. Thousands have read it in less than 24 hours. Ironic situation. Since long before even General Smedley Butler's "War is a Racket", the U.S Marine Corps has been the bully boys for the racketeers who run this country. Somebody bothers Wall Street and their Prostiticians in Washington and their media whores and if the bother is big enough the call is "send in the Marines".

"Devil Dogs" is a good appellation for the Corps. That bunch of trained killers remind me of nothing so much more than a unit made up of pit bulls, dobermans, german shepherds and Rottweilers. They have been well known for obedience to their masters.

But you fkkk with a Marine, treat him like a piece of garbage, disrespect him and then wound him grievously out on the streets of an American city when he is peacefully protesting under the banner of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America...When you do that you have just pissed off one helluva lot of Marines.

Fort Sumter moment. Tipping Point. As of the moment the Oakland cops did it unto Scott Olsen, the Rothschild empire has transmuted their own trained killers into a force on which they can no longer rely. They have created their own worst nightmare.'

Amen to that.

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