Monday, April 2, 2012

BRICS Development Bank

Here's a fascinating interview by Webster Tarpley on 30th March, with Prof. Sreeram Chaulia, Vice-Dean of the OP Jindal Open University in India, about the recent BRICS summit, in New Dehli, and their Development Bank idea:

Whilst here is another interesting article from Zerohedge, where it is written:

'the BRICS want to have easy convertibility of currency to make it easier to use the real, ruble, rupee, renminbi and rand amongst themselves without having to always use the US dollar.'

Seems these emerging economies have finally had enough of being impoverished, walked over and bossed about by the old Imperialists. About time, and let's hope it gets legs! Shame on UK's 'The Guardian' 'newspaper'.

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