Saturday, April 6, 2013


Jim Willie is on fire recently, and it's well worth listening and reading his latest work, as he has some insider contacts who enable him to put together the large macro-economic geo-political picture. The problem is, it ain't purdy, and it would appear that the rumours of EMP technology have been true, together with rumours that the Nazis were never defeated in the '40s, they just moved base. Difficult to swallow for the terminally- naïve, but perfectly logical to the people who kept their eye on the ball and followed the money.

Have a read:


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For the record, I'm still sceptical that these 'Eastern entities' (Russia & China principally) are not just the OWO in disguise, but only time will tell, unfortunately. One thing's for sure: there is a huge battle going on at the top.

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