Thursday, October 10, 2013

China and ECB Sign Yuan Swap Agreement

The latest in a long line of countries (except that this is the whole EU!) to sign deals on trade with China, thereby bypassing the US dollar:

Not long now before the dollar falls. But did it fall or was it pushed? And cui bono? Despite extensive research, I`ve still not been able to discover whether this is really the BRICS nations holding the US to account for its prolific tendencies with the QE to infinity programme, or whether it`s all part of the decade-long plan to bring in a global currency by the back-door, by deliberately collapsing the world`s largest economy. I`m not popping the Champagne yet, shall we say!

This, however, is quite illuminating:

Maybe that`s why Jim Sinclair advocates GOTS, gold and the Euro?

And here`s some pretty unequivocal talk, from China on a global currency:

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