Saturday, November 22, 2014

Peak Oil

It has been some while since I've posted about Peak Oil, although it hasn't stopped being a crucial part of my understanding of geopolitical events. Actual depletion rates and rising production costs make a mockery of any attempts to portay the shale oil boom as anything but a Ponzi scheme, and allow those of us who understand the phenomenon not get side-tracked by the dropping of the oil price - done for political reasons only, but not sustainable.

Oil-producing countries are presently vying for position for when the IMF's MFS is brought in (some time next year) as the valuation of any Country will depend on a number of factors, resources and gold-holding being but two of them. I don't yet understand how the spoils will be divided between the Nation States' and the Corporations who own the resources (think oil wells, gold mines, food production, etc) but one thing is certain - there will be a huge global shake-up of power centres.

Here is a good article on the reality of peak oil:

And here we can start to see some of the problems that they face:

Of course it did not escape my notice that the Rockerfeller family announced a short while ago that they are moving out of oil and into renewables (if one family should be able to see the writing on the wall, it's the Rockerfeller's). Pretty neat trick to get us all thoroughly addicted to an oil-centric lifestyle, then change the rules of the game into renewables, thereby forcing us all to dig into our depleted savings to buy the latest hydrogen or electric car, whilst the new BMW rots in the front garden (with the Bank still asking for their monthly payments, natch)! 

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