Sunday, March 15, 2015

Creating a Chinese Middle Class

This year-old website is attracting a lot of attention, for the quality of the writing, but also for his (unpopular, but increasingly undeniable) assertion that the same international bankers are still very much in charge. Here he asserts that the next step in this age-old game of power and wealth transfer, necessitates the creation of a middle class in the emerging economies, in order to extract the wealth out of them too, whilst the West falls into Third World status, ready for the next 100-year cycle.

Unpopular, but almost irrefutable by now:

Here's a comment by me in the Comments section, and JC's reply:

Susan Morris
It seems to me, perhaps naïvely, that there are not enough resources on the planet to have a Chinese middle class, so the idea will falter before it gets going.

Unless, of course, there really are hidden technologies that will change the way we live on this planet.

 JC Collins
Susan, we are going to experience a re-allocation of resources as the multilateral transition continues. This is why we are seeing proxy resource wars in Ukraine, Syria (and the broader Middle East), and now escalating tension in Venezuela. The argument can be made that there are plenty of resources available, but it hasn’t been allocated based on population growth and economic indicators.
The waste in the western world has to change in order for the necessary balance in the international system to be effective. I don’t think anyone in the western world would feel great about throwing out food when others across the seas are starving. The overabundance that many have taken advantage of will slowly give way to the sustainability of new structures and cultural concepts.
And don’t let the knee jerk conspiracy reaction to the word “sustainability” skew your thoughts away from the logic and humanity of what I’m saying. Sustainability is the only way the world will avoid a depopulation. The same ones that scream out against the sustainability concept are the same ones who scream out against depopulation. The madness of the contradiction is a product of innocent ignorance.
The system is attempting to balance, but there will always be the wealth transfer between the demographics which we call the disorganized masses and rent seeking elite. That is a somewhat different issue.

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