Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I thought I'd be original, and do one in the middle of the year...

In my area a few years ago, quite a lot of money was spent on re-configuring an old railway line into a good quality cycle path, which stretches from one town to another (55kms). Ostensibly it was to encourage tourism. I said at the time that this was preparation for post-peak-oil, when petrol will be rationed and we'll all be back on bicycles.

Now I discover that there is a new initiative to put electric-car rechargeable points at regular intervals around the countryside. At a recent meeting a fellow Councillor expressed concern that the electricity in France comes from nuclear energy (85%+), so it wasn't necessarily better than petrol-driven cars.

However I thought differently: having followed the emergence then rapid hushing-up of thousands of good ideas on the renewable/sustainable front over the decades, and having had strong hints from one Alastair Carnegie, who works in the 'free-energy' sector, I can safely predict that there are abundant ideas for living without, or at least getting away from, heavy fossil-fuel usage.

There are ways of de-salinating sea-water, captivating the sun's rays and turning it onto all sorts of local, manual, low-tech solutions for irrigation, transport, maintenance, etc. The problem is that all of the patents for these 'new technologies' have been bought up by the very same people who owned and ran the world on the petrol-standard, which is in the process of being dismantled.

Here's the rub: with the 'sudden' (who could have known?) emergence of trillions of useful little renewable devices, we find we no longer need fossil-fuels to run our lives. However, the people who owns these technologies also feel that they don't need - well, how can I put this? - us! They don't want 7 billion 'useless eaters', and they have worked hard over the last few decades convincing us of the same thing. They have turned us into 2 species: the well-educated, slim, intelligent ones and the slower, fatter, GMO-eating, tattooed ones (who were very useful for certain functions which are now becoming obsolete).

The Georgia Guidestones tell us the rest. By war and famine and destruction of the environment, they will reduce the world's human population, and those that are left will be able to live happy, contented lives in harmony with nature, without the need for money either.

You've got to admit, it's a fantastic Master Plan. Shame about the eugenics bit in the middle.

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