Sunday, February 28, 2016

Free Energy

Danny posted this on MK, and I replied:

  1. Danny Cunnington says:
    You can learn the darnest of things from posters here on the KR threads!
    Does anyone remember an erstwhile poster…. Alastair Carnegie? Yes the one who used to post bizarre stuff about not being human Etc. He used to go on about “Achemedes lever” and a gravity based energy concept that his grandfather (Andrew Carnegie the American steel oligarch), had wanted to use to power steel production in the late 19th Century.
    However, Carnegie steel never did utilise the gravity technology because he was bought out for a huge sum by the Banker JP Morgan and became a philanthropist with the vast fortune received, building and funding libraries, Etc. (this is true and can be checked).
    This was the same JP Morgan who cut off funding and closed down Nikola Tesla who was demonstrating wireless free energy at about the same time.
    The principle behind Archimedes lever (developed as a weapon several years before the birth of Christ) was that there was a differential between buoyancy and gravity that could be exploited to produce lift and therefore energy through leverage (Air can be compressed but water only displaced).
    I became interested when later I was reading PDFs of circa 1890-ish writings by Nikola Tesla who mentioned “Archimedes lever” several times whilst explaining energy concepts.
    I told AC that rather than argue the point and post complex math he needed to build a small scale working model maybe made from Plexiglas and show it to people as a proof of concept.
    A Basic rule of power is to demonstrate a point rather than argue a point.
    Well the Germans (helped out by the Austrians and Swiss) have gone and done it. Although they call this something else it’s exactly the same thing as AC was going on about, made into a working model with German engineering.
    The implications are huge. It blows away wind turbines and solar panels as alternative energy technologies and must be sending shock waves through the NWO cabal. Obviously trolls will clamber out of their swamps to attack after a media blackout.
    Here’s a clip (In German of course which is after all, the language of engineers).
    The moral behind this story? “Never underestimate what you can learn from some >nob in a castle< going on about weird things!
  2. susan says:
    I believe that catchphrase is my copyright!
    But of course you’re right, and he did have a lot of interesting things to say, and hyper-intelligent he certainly is – though not sure about the Alien innards bit.
    I still follow his musings on FB, and here’s a recent comment he made:
    Alastair Carnegie This is why well over £1000 worth of top grade super power neodymium magnets should arrive by post tomorrow. Free Energy would have crashed the economy ages ago. It was safer to kill te inventors, a crashed economy kills tens of millions. BUT…If the economy crashes on it’s own. Free Energy could be very useful. Power tools require power.
    1 · February 24 at 11:38pm
    I’ve also read a lot about Tesla, and there’s no doubt that alternative energies to what we have now were invented then crushed, and as it says in one of the books I’ve got – fell into the wrong hands.
    IMNSHO, this explains sinkholes, weather warfare and a whole lot else.
    What to do about it??? How to get it out of their grasp?? Has this already happened with the news that you post?
    Trouble is, the phrase ‘free energy’ makes usury vampires turn in their graves. How to screw some pennies out of every deal…
  3. susan says:
    Here’s their website in English:
    I’m still looking for pyramids, eyes, skulls, vesica piscis, etc, but none so far! Just the yin-yan logo…
    Vonda: can you tell us any more about this German Company?
 Then I did some digging, and tried to post this, but for some reason the MK website wouldn't allow me to post it (key words setting off alarm bells?) so here it is instead:

Here's the CEO of Rosch Innovations:

And here's his religious beliefs:

And here's what he has to say about conspiracies:

And in the side bar, compiled and up-dated by the same CEO:

Stranger and stranger - nothing is as it seems. On one of those pages, it talks about Keshe trying to destroy their work...

Here's a list of the Congress members on the New Energy Movement:

Good news - no Rockerfellers in that list!

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