Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bye Bye Max & Stacy

  1. Three of my last entries on the Comments Section of Max Keiser's show. Just the wait now.
    susan says:
    No War. No Collapse. Just global Socialism:

    And this is how they’ll get there (difference of opinion on War – I’m with JC on this, where talk of war is actually jaw-jaw to achieve objectives):

    (Blind Welsh ‘Poets’ look away)

    So, the Brand of Red and Corbyn will re-emerge triumphant, after having re-learned their part of the Script from YKW.

    Still wondering how these masters of the Universe will heal the biosphere. Shutting down global trade and commerce is one way to do it, of course. Getting rid of money and introducing Scrip, which can only be spent in certain ways (renewables) is another. Getting rid of bothersome useless eaters is easier with ration/food stamps to be spent at your local Supermarket on ONLY GMO foods,vaccines for everyone, etc.

    So we can look forward to global Socialism with global eugenics: it was The Fabian Society all along! And we nailed it here in this Comments’ Section! About a year ago!

    (Pats self on back, goes to make another coffee and drinks it in garden)

  2. susan says:
    (oops, another, last one for a while):

    Always amusing to hear the heavy, heavy spin from the US Anchors!

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