Saturday, November 11, 2017

Understanding Cryptocurrencies

".....this is NOT outside of the is THE system...."

It takes an analytical woman being interviewed by another analytical woman to end up getting a clear, intelligent, cogent and perfectly comprehensible interview!


As opposed to the people who have invented this whole opaque system, deliberately designed only to be understood by the top banksters in the world - and even then, not by all of them! Can you say 'behind the curtain'?

Thank goodness for Ms Zang, and also for Adapt 2030, who has also explained the up-coming wealth transfer in very clear terms. I'm just not 100% convinced by the coming 'naturally-occurring' grand solar minimum yet, although it does seem to tie up a lot of loose ends in my mind, especially if you factor in geoengineering.

As Ms Zang says, look at who is spending all of the money on developing this technology. Exactly! It is their new system, and they need to get us all on board with it. "The cryptocurrencies are for a standard shift, they have to reset the current system, all of the debt in the current system, in order to make that transfer....." (1h24)

Enough of the 'good guys' vs. 'bad guys' meme: it is infantile!

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