Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stephen Hawking et al

There is a lively debate amongst scientists about whether time is speeding up...

This is a fascinating subject, and for a while now I've also been interested in the question of time and space and energy. There is a theory that says all energy is related, and that what we think we know and see is just a hologram. This can sometimes be a comforting theory, especially when confronted with the activities of the human race.

I'm now convinced that time is speeding up, especially as I have been here for 5 weeks, and haven't written half of what I intended to write. I have sheets of paper strewn all over my desk, with notes for the blog.

But no matter (excuse the pun), I have only one more week here in Palestine. I take comfort from Stephen Hawking's assumption that if the universe is constantly expanding, that means that back in the past we were all living on top of each other. This means that distance, physical and psychological, can be reduced to nothing, which also brings comfort when thinking of leaving people you have grown very fond of.

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