Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stieg Larsson

I recently read the Millennium trilogy by this Swedish author, where he writes of corruption all the way to the top, Nazi activities, human-trafficking and hacking, to name a few subjects covered in his books. He died suddenly and unexpectedly, after delivering the manuscripts, but before they were published. Films have been made of the books, and I've seen two of them in Leicester Square, in Swedish with English sub-titles.

In a fascinating real-life twist, where truth mirrors fiction, computer hackers have been showing their displeasure at the pressure that is being brought to bear on anything to do with Wikileaks, in a blatant and obvious attempt to muzzle the site.

Of course, I'm sure his arrest is just a coincidence. Wouldn't surprise me if he 'met with an accident' though. Truth is stranger than fiction at the moment.

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