Saturday, January 8, 2011


I just got this from a friend in Palestine. I posted a couple of days ago about the lady who died from inhaling tear-gas, and I experienced it myself when demonstrating against this Israeli land-grab:

"we went to be'lin again yesterday. the gas had killed a woman last week so the demo was very big and at first considerable restraint, no tear gas and people got to the fence, but then they set of a cannon of the most gross smelling stuff imaginable, aparently if you get it on your clothes you just have to chuck them away, no one we knew did tho. then the tear gas began, this was about 40 mins later and someone said that some of the arab members of the kenesset had been there, so maybe they waited until they had gone! k and I got caught between two lots of gas and just had to hunch down and wait for it to go away."

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