Monday, January 10, 2011

Buy Silver!

Here's Part 3 of the insider information about the silver market, and it's fascinating. All of the physical silver is being withdrawn from the COMEX whilst the prices are kept artificially low (by naked shorts on the market i.e. worthless bits of paper with 'promise to pay' on them, much like fiat currencies, i.e. un-backed), until all the physical is gone, then the price will rocket. It doesn't really matter if we don't understand it all, just try to get hold of some physical silver. According to this insider info, the price will be held low for another two months maximum. Also, he mentions the new world currency that is being hinted at in financial circles, namely SDRs. If they ever get introduced, we are all toast! More on that later.

You'll have to excuse the swearing, I suppose that's stock market language, and BTW, BJLewinski is Bill Clinton!:

Also, keep an eye on this website for constant up-dates on what's really going on:

Just for some background:

In short, get physical!

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