Thursday, December 29, 2011

Porter Stansberry

Here he's interviewed by Alex Jones, and although I really don't like the latter, for his voice, for his ego, for his arrogance, there's no denying, this is one fascinating chat:

Part 2:

Just when it gets interesting (in Part 2), where Stansberry says the bankers are all pretty scared right now, because the problem is 'of systemic proportions', Alex (as usual) interrupts him and goes to break. What an idiot!

Just after minute 3 of the second interview, they talk about the Treasurer of MF Global, one Edith O'Brian, has hired a criminal attourney to defend herself, and they hint at her possibly having 'an accident'...........proof right there that this is serious stuff, and there is a lot of violence and conspiracy right at the top of the financial markets. Stansberry himself says he doesn't like his face being known, because of the dangers that brings...

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