Saturday, March 16, 2013

Behind the Curtain

This is the 'wow' moment we've been waiting for. The globalists drawing back the curtain to reveal long-held plans, under the guise of the Hegelian dialectic of problem-reaction-solution. Despite warnings from people like Bill Still, Ellen Brown and others, the 'globalists' continued with their plan of creating so much debt that it became unsustainable, and inevitably led to the 'big bang', (soon, soon) which led to this 'solution' being hauled up the flagpole. The Sheeple will cheer (they fixed the financial crisis!), the economists will breathe a sigh of relief (hopefully nobody will remember that we didn't see this coming!), and the 'globalists' not only get away with their heinous crimes, but get complete control of the world's virtual money supply, allegedly backed by gold:

Or maybe there's another way to read this???

Can you say RFID chip?

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