Friday, December 20, 2013

Bitcoin is Revolutionary

Here`s an excert from an interesting piece on how Bitcoin can liberate us from the Banksters:

9) Bitcoin just needs to get to a critical mass where a few companies provide all items you need to purchase to survive, as soon as that happens, bitcoin will be self sufficient and these companies will be able to keep btc off balance sheet where they will not be obliged to pay taxes, this is as big of an incentive as any for a seller. When this happens, there will be an entire ecosystem of commerce which is not answerable to the government. Furthermore there is NOTHING the government can do about it. When this happens, the government will be cut off from their taxes and will no longer have the credit rating to finance institutions that censor free speech and there WILL be a revolution. Currently over 22,000 companies accept bitcoin, and that number is increasing every day!


Also we ask the 60-million dollar question: do we need banks? Answer: No, of course not!

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