Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monetising Everything

`The American economy seems to be succeeding at monetizing everything while producing fewer and fewer goods or services of any real value to anyone but a few rich people profiting off the entire system.`



As I have noticed here in Europe, gradually every form of human interraction has become monetised, so that you have to put your hand in your pocket even to sit down - the free benches in towns having been removed. I have an interesting DVD about this, created by some French architects.

I appreciate that it`s difficult for most people to believe that this is deliberate policy - they prefer to blame it on Capitalism, or Socialism, or anything except the real reason: a cronyism so well thought out and nefarious and pervasive that you will not wake up until it`s too late. The boiling frogs scenario. In my opinion, we`re almost there.

I`ve got my ear-plugs ready for when the wails of disbelief go up.

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