Sunday, September 28, 2014

How It Happened

It was easy:

1 Buy up all the media outlets in order to control the news
2 Replace real journalists with news feeds (Reuters and Associated Press) which you own
3 Replace news anchors with bimbos, preferably blonde with low-cut tops
4 Gradually consolidate the banking sector into large banks which you own
5 Control the supply of money to Governments (at interest). Governments lose autonomy
6 Gradually replace real people with your advisors, who can control economic policy from the inside
7 Using advisors, gradually reduce funding for academia and start using Foundations and Institutes, which you own
8 Rinse and repeat for several decades
9 Meanwhile buy up all the sources of energy and form Corporations
10 Buy, bribe or bomb any country which has resources that you want
11 Buy up and shelve any alternative energy sources, especially renewables, until you control them
12 Create false opposition constantly - Hegelian dialectic
13 When ready, ramp up terror threat to hysteria (blame the brown guys)
14 Create some awful havoc and chaos where the white people live
15 Crash the banking system and blame it on the havoc and chaos
16 Make everyone desperate and ready to do anything for food
17 Bring in new banking system on mobile phones
18 Create new 'Good Guys' (BRICSA), controlled by same old guys
19 Offer bright new future, ecologically sound, regionally autonomous, redistribution of wealth
20 Whilst holding all the gold and macro-economically controlling the globe's resources.

NB We are at 13 at the moment.


  1. Reduce Culture to movies and entertainment.

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  3. Nice!

    Another item you missed was to use the two party system to create and maintain constant conflict over stupid shit in a concerted effort to divide the populace and keep them squabbling over nothing while they rape and pillage with impunity.

  4. @brigantine:

    thanks for that - I feel I covered that under Point 12 'create false opposition contstantly', but I agree, this Political Party pantomime is a joke, isn't it?

    Living on a boat sounds fun!

  5. ?! Hegelian dialectic !? Lost me there. Googled, read, still lost:-(
    As someone more famous than me said... "The mystification which dialectic suffers in Hegel’s hands, by no means prevents him from being the first to present its general form of working in a comprehensive and conscious manner. With him it is standing on its head. It must be turned right side up again, if you would discover the rational kernel within the mystical shell."
    But that's not to say that I understand his alternative either:-( :-( :-(
    I'm going to scoop some leaves out of the pond. Send for help if I'm not back by Monday.