Monday, September 22, 2014

Slow Burn or Flash Crash?

We've heard from the 'philosophyofmetrics' website a well-argued and well-documented case that TPTB are completely in control and all is going according to plan, using the Hegelian dialectic to achieve long-held objectives.

Someone else who asserts that there are a group of people with long-held objectives is Bix Wier, who also has a very interesting theory, backed-up by Federal Reserve documentation, but which leads to a very different outcome.

With JC Collins of 'philosophyofmetrics' he asserts that the Banksters are going to get the one-world currency by stealth, via the BRICSA opposition, and end up the owners of .....everything by using the IMF's SDR's.

Whilst Bix asserts that there are a group of 'good guys' whose way to get back to the Gold Standard (see Ron Paul) was to print so much money that the whole system had nowhere to go but to crash, eventually bringing back 'sound' money - gold and silver.

Whilst Jim Willie asserts something different again! Very interesting in these times to have an open mind and to read and listen widely, but it's still quite difficult to work out who is 'correct'! Have a listen:

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