Thursday, July 30, 2015

For The Record

 My prediction, as posted on the Max Keiser website today:
susan says:
Deflationary collapse? Hyperinflation? Too much debt? Derivitive meltdown?

I’m increasingly coming around the CAF’s point of view – and that is that the debt saturation is deliberate and a way of entrapment, so that they can pull the plug at any time – BEING THE CREDITORS – and most of us will be endebted to them – perfect!

The money is not real, so the creditors haven’t really lost anything, but what have they gained by inflating this bubble? Well, they seem to have bought up all of the real assets on the planet, and we will become permanently (italics) endebted.

At this time, my best guess is that they will run the planet as a well-run Company, make it sustainable, bring forth all of the renewables, close the oil fields, the gold mines, the silver mines, the environmentally hazardous operations and start making this a much greener world, including cleaning up Fukushima, where the individual doesn’t have too much freedom, but at least has clean air to breathe…..

Makes sense, doesn’t it??

(This is the interview that prompted the above thought:)


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