Wednesday, July 15, 2015

SDR Negotiations

Well here it is, all laid out in black and white. This is where we are heading, and there`s not 1% of the human population who is aware of it. I suppose it is the only time I will be a member of the 1%:

As I said in a comment on his site, I still think it`s a shame about all the dead. This could have been achieved via alternative means, without all of the Hegelian dialectic wars, without the propaganda, without the `global warming CO2` dis-information, without the geoengineering.

But if `they` had done it that way, we`d know who to point our fingers at, and we`d know who to blame. We`d know that `democracy` has been a sham for a long time, and we`d know that there are powerful people pulling strings.

The way they have carried this plan out is to give maximum `plausible deniability` and to be able to stay in the shadows and profit vastly from all of the turmoil and chaos, buying up assets and land for pennies on the dollar. The result is that we really will have `owners`, like Geoerge Carlin said. 

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