Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cost of Production vs. Supply and Demand

In this interview Steve St Angelo goes into the EROI problem again, for those just catching up. As he says, we should have done something in the '70s, but we didn't, and now the situation is so broken that he doesn't see a positive future.

He also talks of EROI in terms of PMs, and it makes perfect sense. It explains why JPMorgan is stockpiling physical silver (which they may release slowly into the market, to keep prices down?), and it also explains why the Rockerfeller and Rothschild families have divested OUT of oil, and into renewables. The latter snippet I discovered in a recent documentary called 'The Aristocrats' called 'The Rothschilds - a rare peep behind the curtain.

The only thing that can possibly save our current way of life is if there really is Free Energy, à la Tesla - but even if there is, as he explains, the whole just-in-time delivery system is run on oil! Try delivering your cans of Chinese tomatoes to deepest Ohio using solar energy...

Here's the interview - listen twice!

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